We have well mannered college students who live in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, we also have ill behaved students as well as landlords who do little to address the poor behavior of their tenants. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stop any of us from meeting the students when they move in, welcoming them to the neighborhood and being good neighbors.

For those ill behaved students, the board seeks to implement a process. Our neighbor and board member, Tym Kajstura, has agreed to take on the role of liaison between the city government and the universities when responding to issues for college housing.

So, if you are experiencing excessive noise, underage drinking, profanity, public urination, trash, or anything else that affects your quality of life, please immediately call the police – 911, not 311 – and report the incident. It does not matter the time of day. Give them the address of the home, what you are experiencing and the names of the students and school they attend, if you know. As much information as possible is helpful. When the police arrive, insist that they consider issuing a citation and/or fining the students.

The neighborhood nuisance law is our most effective ordinance to respond to this behavior and the students as well as the landlord can be cited and fined. Specifically, the ordinance allows the city – through its Environmental Control Board – to issue citations to those acting in a “disorderly manner that disturbs the public peace” as well as to landlords allowing such conduct to occur on their property. On first offense, the ticket is $500. Commit another offense within 12 months, and the ticket is $1,000. Owners of troublesome properties could additionally face 60 days in jail if citations aren’t paid.

Soon thereafter, please email Tym and provide him with the details of the incident and the outcome of the police response. Tym will contact the school and the police to follow up. He will also keep a log of the incidents.