Community Garden Sign

A unique feature of our wonderful neighborhood is that it is home to a Native Pollinator Garden.

Where was originally a garden installed by the State of Maryland approximately 21 years ago was transformed into its present state 6 years ago, with in part grants from Parks and People and St. Pius the X. Church. The Garden was the first urban garden, which was created by Master Gardeners of Baltimore City and Lake Evesham residents. Today it is currently one of many urban gardens for creating safe habitats and to help our pollinators. The Garden is home to a variety of native plants to attract and provide food and shelter to native bees, birds, butterflies, specifically the monarch and swallow tail and most recently a bunny has taken up residence. The Garden is approximately a 85 by 58 feet plot of land located on the northwest corner of York Road and Northern Parkway, adjacent to two very busy transit stops.

Community Garden

The maintenance of the Garden is done by residents of Lake Evesham, the York Road Initiative (Loyola University Students) and Master Gardeners for Baltimore City. The Garden does not permit the use of any pesticides.

If you are interested in learning more about the Garden, or volunteering, contact Theresa Furnari at